Wedding Shoe Game

    Also known as the Mr & Mrs game can be great fun for both you and your guests, and to ensure the game works, we’d prefer that you (the wedding couple) don’t see the answers.
    Please pass our questionnaire to either your best man or one of the bridesmaids to complete and return to us.

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    Names of the Wedding Couple Player One - and Player Two -

    1,Who made the first move in the relationship?
    2, Who footed the bill on your first date?
    3, Who said “I love you” first?
    4,Who got down on one knee?
    5,Who’s the more romantic one?
    6,Who’s the more flirtatious one?
    7,Who is better at planning dates?
    8,Who wears the pants in your relationship?
    9,Who’s better at driving?
    10,Who’s better at following directions?
    11,Who could talk their way out of a speeding ticket?
    12,Who’s in control of the music when you’re on the road?
    13,Who’s more skilled in the kitchen?
    14,Who’s more likely to order a takeaway?
    15,Who is pickier when it comes to food?
    16,Who goes grocery shopping more?
    17,When you go out for a meal, who’s the more generous tipper?
    18,Who hogs the blankets more?
    19,Who’s more likely to talk in their sleep?
    20,Who’s more likely to start a fight?
    21,Who’s more likely to finish a fight?
    22,Who’s more likely to overspend on a pointless item?
    23,Who’s the clumsier one?
    24,Who’s the cleaner one?
    25,Who’s the more dramatic one?
    26,Who takes care of the dirty dishes/laundry?
    27,Who’s more likely to have a hangover after the wedding?
    28,Who is more likely to admit to fancying the others friend?

    Our DJ will present the game and pick questions at random.

    Thank you

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